what we do

Vertité uses the latest in indoor farming technology to produce more with less. We achieve higher yields and better quality fruit than conventional methods thanks to our vertical hydroponic system and climate-controlled farm. 

healthier and tastier

Our strawberries are hand-picked at their ripest and tastiest. Unlike imported strawberries, which are often tainted with pesticides, our berries have zero pesticide residues.


ultra local and fresh

We cultivate on the island of Montreal, so our berries travel less than 20 km from our farm to you. Since we don’t have to worry about our fruit standing up to long-distance travel, we focus entirely on producing fresh fruit with amazing flavour.

more sustainable

We use 90% less water, land, and fertilizer compared to conventional agriculture, and we never ever use pesticides on our crop.

our mission

Our long-term goal is to help lead the next wave of agriculture. To us, that means sustainably growing healthier, tastier food closer to consumers. We believe cities of all sizes can grow their own healthy, delicious food with the help of indoor farming.

our team

We are a passionate team of farmers, foodies, and scientists looking to satisfy the local demand for great food all year long.



Phil has degrees in biology and computer science. He works on making the plants as happy as possible, and automating the systems that keep them happy.


Co-founder and CEO

Ophelia was already set on becoming a farmer when she attended a presentation on indoor farming and immediately recognized the untapped potential. She founded Vertité shortly after. She has lots of experience working in greenhouses and on conventional farms, and has developed the methods we use to grow amazing strawberries.



Pierre is a serial entrepreneur. He has owned and managed two retail businesses, and several types of real estate. He has the sales expertise to move our delicious fruit.


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